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Using GE/Jasco 45600 Remote in addition to Z-NET

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  • Using GE/Jasco 45600 Remote in addition to Z-NET

    I have a single Z-Net controller for my house. I wanted to use a remote for some of the lights, but do not want to take control away from HomeSeer / Z-Net. The manual for the GE/Jasco 45600 remote talks about adding the switches directly to the remote, which I don't want to do. I did successfully transfer my node info from the Z-Net to the remote, but not sure what that does if I can't assign the buttons to an existing node. I'd appreciate any help.

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    I recommend the ZRC-90US if you can find them. I have three of them and they don't interfere with the network. Eight buttons, so lots of options. I use one button to perform two functions. Imagine the possibilities.

    Event 1: If Button 1 short press - If the garage door is closed, open it.
    Button 1 If Button 1 short press - If the garage door is open, close it.


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      I have several of those remotes, and they do work.

      You have to transfer/download the ZWave network to the remote first. This makes the remote a "secondary controller". I was not able to program any of the remote buttons from homeseer itself, but I am able to program the remote using the remote's button programming sequence (except for the scene buttons).

      And an additional trick: If you have multiple remotes, first "include" all of the remotes to Homeseer (making them all secondary controllers). Then program one of the remotes. You can then utililize the "transfer" capability to transfer the button programming to the other remotes (everything will copy over except any labels that you created).

      (I beleive the scene buttons can be programmed, but they will not run a Homeseer scene or event).


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        I have a Remotec ZFM-80US. Does anyone know if it can be configured as a MOMENTARY switch. I want to use it to send OPEN command to a FAAC gate, 455D control board.

        thank you, chris