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Anyone have HS3 reading Door Lock codes 100% of the time?

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  • Anyone have HS3 reading Door Lock codes 100% of the time?

    I cant be the only one having major problems with locks in HS3.

    Both BLLock & Doorlock Script work perfectly, reading the user codes for both of my locks... Homeseer almost never does. This has been a problem for at least 6 months and now causing me huge issues with Events not triggering - thus security alarm sirens going off on my guests.

    I have completely removed and re-joined one lock to the zwave network, and re-added ALL the door lock codes to see if it would fix the issue, it made zero difference.

    The lock works 100% fine itself, and clearly Bllock plugin reads the door codes properly -- HS3 does not.

    Anyone know if this is just me, somehow, or if there is a fix... or if there is a way to pull the user code data from BLLock or DoorLock Script into an Event trigger?

    thx for the help!

    attached are screenshot of...

    Event trigger using the Parent lock device that worked a few months ago, and does 'sometimes' HS3 doesn't pull the door codes.

    Event trigger using Child device 'Access Control Notification', while it did work in this instance, looks unreliable as it often does not change value showing only "Manual Lock Operation" -- even when it should not. examle: one locks, right now, shows no change since 1pm today but it has locked/unlocked using an HS3 command (via zwave / rf) so it should be showing a different command, and the last one was at about 4:50pm.

    HS3 Log not reading the lock code association (Edith) while BLLOCK plugin does (ans so does the Zwave Lock Script
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    Not sure if I fully understand your problem. I have a Yale touch screen dead bolt lock on my front door. I have an Event for certain user code to text me when that code is entered. Also I have an Event that when a valid user code is entered after sunset a light inside by the front door turns on for 2 minutes then shuts off. I have had these two Events running fine since I installed HS3 mid last year.



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      I am not sure what brand of lock that you are using but, there were software changes made to the ZWave PI about 6 months ago to fix issues with the new Kwikset ZWave Plus locks. The change caused problems with older locks and Rich had to make additional modifications to correct the issues. See below link.