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    Aeotec Dual Nano Status

    Hi All, I just installed a couple of Aeotec Dual Nano switch without power monitoring in my bathroom. One of them is on the light and nightlight, the other is on the fan. I was going to hook up the heat, but the 14A sticker on the heater wires scared me off hooking that one up.

    It took some experimenting with parameter 80 to get status feedback to Homeseer, setting 1 or 3 didn't seem to report information back. Setting 2 is the best of the options yet, but it's throwing something weird - Any time Switch 1 is turned on or off, it also turns on or off the status of Switch 2. This happens whether I switch it at the wall switch OR ALSO if I set it -from HomeSeer! Controlling switch 2 correctly tracks only switch 2. This is the case with both of these two new Nano's. The log shows both turning on, but the nightlight on switch 2 is definitely not on.

    I've checked, they're both running firmware 2.0, and I've run a rescan. (Z-Wave plugin

    Anybody have any experience with these? Some other parameter I should try? I feel like I've read through all the parameters here:

    Not that I understand the difference between Hail and Basic Report, but the PDF mentions something about "Multi Channel encapsulation" - is that something that Homeseer is missing on it's interpretation? Or is it on Aeotec's transmission?

    At the moment, I'm working around it by an event that when switch 1 is changed, it polls switch 2. At worst, there's a momentary false indicator, but also the device last change time is technically incorrect.

    Thanks in advance...