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    Not certain exactly when, but sometime in the past couple months a device appeared in HS3 for my z-net (node 1). Pretty sure I never had a device for it in the past and I'm not sure what purpose it serves. My questions: 1. Do I need it? 2. If yes, what purpose does it serve; if no, can I just delete it?

    edit: Obviously not a problem for the device to be there, just wondering if it was some fluke that it happened to be created or if something may have changed that caused/allowed it to appear. Or if I've somehow managed to overlook it until now which isn't out of the question.


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    Not sure if you've overlooked it before, but I've always had a device for my z-wave controller. I believe it is created when you first configure the z-wave plugin with the controller.
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      Good to know. Thanks.

      Reason I'm confused is suddenly I had a Location 2 called "Node 1". I know that wasn't there before. Maybe I'd hidden the device long ago and forgotten about it, and it was recently recreated for some reason.