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Setting ZWave Parameter on Aeotec Nano Dimmer

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    Setting ZWave Parameter on Aeotec Nano Dimmer

    Hi All,

    Hoping somebody can help me...I'm trying to set the backlight colour on the wall swipe. From the engineering sheet link here it shows to set the backlight colour I need to set parameter 64 (0x40) using 4 values. I can't figure out how using 4 values I can get one number to send as a parameter. Does anybody know how ot do this?


    Click image for larger version

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    This is in Hexadecimal.


    0x - is notation for HEX
    0a - Level
    FF - red
    FF - Green
    FF - Blue

    If you wanted to set it to red you would use 0x0aFF0000


      Thanks for this...make sense but how do I then send this to the nano dimmer? Homeseer wants me to send a demical value to the dimmer. If I convert the HEX to demical it would be 184483840 but the default value is 4 - how do I get my color in this format?


        You're doing it right. I have one of these too, and I programmed it the same way. Convert the Hex number to a (really big) Decimal number. On the Settings section of the Z-Wave tab choose the parameter to set (64), set the Value Size to 4 Bytes, and paste in the really big decimal number. It should work... I didn't do that particular parameter, but I did change the colors for all the swipe gestures (65-68).


          Perfect... thanks... will give it a go tonight 😀

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