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Why is "Last" Maximum 70%?

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  • Why is "Last" Maximum 70%?

    I have some Jasco ZW3103 Lamp Modules. Using either the Homeseer Device List or the Control Panel, I can successfully set the dim level to any setting, but if I set it over 70%, then set it to off, then set it to "Last", the Device List and the Advanced Tab for the device report a Dim level of approximately 70% (69%-73%). It will not return to any 'last' setting that was over 70%. However, the actual lamp level appears to return to the actual last level.

    Note that the "Last" function properly returns to any Initial setting below 70%.

    Any idea why this happens?


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    Does anyone else see this issue, or is it just me?



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      Which version of the z-wave plugin are you on? I don't have those devices, but just tried with a couple of other dimmers and they work properly. Might be a bug in the version of the plugin you are on, or it could be something with that device not implementing the last value properly.
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        Thanks for checking. Version I also tried a GE wall dimmer - same result. I’m just now moving towards z-wave, so I don’t have many to try. But I just remembered I think I have one other brand in the junk box which I’ll try and see what happens.