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Schlage Lock motor wont engage after updating HS

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  • Schlage Lock motor wont engage after updating HS

    My locks have been rock solid for years and then I did an update to HS and now when unlocking manually HS doesn't see that the cylinder moved so events don't trigger and when sending the lock command the locks wont actuate. I have done full scan and optimizations and HS can communicate with the locks fine but the locks just wont go. Batteries have also been changed to new.

    Could something have happened to the secure connection, because after the update my zwave interface was missing and I had to add a new one and the scanned in the devices.

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    Sometimes new batteries solves the problem, but sounds like you've already done that. Did you RESET APPLICATION STATUS on the device within homeseer? I have the schlage locks with an event. When I unlock the deadbolt (manually/remotely) it turns on the outside light. When I lock the deadbolt, it turns off the light.

    You could be having polling issue, but would need to see your event logs. Also disabling the Zwave plugin and re-enabling can help fix connection issues. Initiate polling, and do a device full optimize instead of full network optimize. It sounds like HS can see your lock, but is not deploying commands?


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      Mar-16 3:15:56 PM Z-Wave Device: Node 31 Kitchen Side Door Lock Set to 0
      Mar-16 3:15:55 PM Device Control Device: Node 31 Kitchen Side Door Lock to Unlock (0) by/from: CAPI Control Handler
      And I did a full scan
      Adding using S0 Security, Negotiating or Verifying SECURITY SCHEME for node 19
      Warning: Failed to get a SECURITY SCHEME or verify the key from node 19. Device may not be added properly to HomeSeer.
      Warning: If this is an import, you may need to remove and add the device as some devices cannot be added with an import.
      I did a device fill optimize and no dice. I did reset application status for both locks, its weird that both would have the same problem at the same time but no other device on the network is having an error.

      I actually did disable and enable the plugin since i updated that too during the total system update I did.

      Like I said could the security part of the pairing get borked somehow? And if I remove and pair again I really don't want to have to fix all my events by changing the nodes ugh.