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Is it possible to schedule a restart of z-wave plugin?

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  • Is it possible to schedule a restart of z-wave plugin?

    Since about a month, I have been experiencing intermittent problems with z-wave, either with z-wave errors in the log, or sometimes with commands seemingly just not executed. If I stop and restart the z-wave plugin, the problem is cured.

    Naturally, the best thing would be to try and understand why I have this problem and fix it - but I'm not sure what to do. Otherwise, a band-aid fix (which the purists probably wouldn't approve of) might be to simply create a scheduled event that stops and restarts the z-wave plugin on a regular basis.

    Can this be done? Thanks for your tips.

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    Yes, Jon00 has a plugin shutdown/startup utility:
    HS 1990 Devices 1172 Events
    Z-Wave 126 Nodes on one Z-Net


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      I should have guessed Jon00 would have something for this!

      Thanks for the heads-up......


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        Did you already fixed the rootcause? Have the same problem since a few months ago. I did a complete reinstall of windows 10, update to the latest (beta) plugin and reverse it back to the stable version. No result until now. I use a uzb device . After restarting the zwave interface i works again


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          I wonder if it is the Plugin which hangs or the USB port?


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            Sometimes i have this. The zave plugin is a 100% or more..and stay there. plugin and replugin the zwave usbstick manually resolve the issue.

            I could make up something via mqtt to watch the zwave plugin cpu % . So when it is more than 70% for x time. send a linux command to restart the usb interface.

            not sure if this will work . Next time i got this problem i will attempt to send the command via the console , and see what is happening.

            - I know the z wave sticks are usb2. And i use a usb3 extention. Maybe it is making some noise. and I didn't chek if i plugged the stick in a usb3 or two. Have to see my mb manual for that.

            edit: seems like It was connected to a usb2 port. So, i don't know. Maybe the extension cord is too long