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Please bring UZB restore back

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  • Please bring UZB restore back

    UZB Z-Wave network restore option is broken/unavailable since UZB firmware 5.7... which was release 2 years ago. That also means I do not have any means of recovery when my UZB stick breaks.

    I am using 60 Z-Wave devices with this stick. I really don't know were to start if the UZB breaks, but it would mean days or weeks of problems. And I have two backup UZB sticks, but with higher firmware versions so unable to restore to them. I have been waiting a long time hoping the restore would come back but it doesn't seem to happen any time soon, according to HomeSeer support.

    The "best" answers from support include "I apologize for the inconvenience and understand the frustration, though unfortunately we do not have immediate plans for adding this feature back in." and "I understand the predicament but unfortunately we are not able to implement backups for other region interfaces at the moment.".

    Please reconsider, as not having a recovery options is unacceptable. And not having any kind of solution for non-US users is even worse.


    PS anyone having a working UZB stick with firmware 5.6 for sale?

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    Havn't tried it, but backup/restore in Z-Way Expert GUI should work.
    Also there are a lot of newer versions too, but in the windows-version they don't show up since they seemed to have stopped the development of that version.

    5.32: Updated SDK to 6.81. Support of Z-Wave ¬ęSmartStart¬Ľ.
    5.27: Added Bridge version and RF test mode.
    To run the RF test mode mode do: sudo /etc/init.d/z-way-server stop && sudo apt-get install git && cd /tmp && rm -Rf uSAPI && git clone && cd uSAPI && make && ./uSAPI -b "F7 01" -p /dev/ttyAMA0 -r 1 && ./uSAPI -b "08" -p /dev/ttyAMA0
    5.26: Added forgotten new IMA functions.
    5.25: Minor fixes.
    5.23: Updated SDK to 6.71.01.
    5.22: Frequency not resetted to EU anymore on upgrade.
    5.16: Updated SDK to 6.70.00.
    5.07: Updated SDK to 6.51.09 (for certification)
    5.06: LED can be turned off:
    Change it via IP:8083/JS/Run/zway.NVMExtWriteLongBuffer(0x6510,[XX]), where XX is:
    • 0x00 LED used only for memory test when device powers up. Silent mode.
    • 0x01 LED used during memory test and to indicate inclusion/exclusion mode.
    • 0x03 LED used during memory test, to indicate inclusion/exclusion mode and it blinks when data is sending.


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      Thanks! I already tried to backup my 5.6 stick and restore it to a 5.27 stick using Z-Way. That didn't work. Could be because of the firmware differences. But I am really afraid to upgrade my main stick. What if the backup/restore still doesn't work in Z-Way, then I only made my problem worse. And will my settings even survive a firmware upgrade (or multiple, because I believe upgrading from 5.6 to 5.27 has to be done in 2 or 3 steps). I need to be really sure it works before I go that route...


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        Same thing for zooz z wave stick rjh


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          I'm also concerned about the lack of backup. I thinking of moving from Smartthings because they lost the association to my cloud data- a big reason to switch to Homeseer is to avoid the pain I'm going through now re-including devices which need taken out of walls to do so!
          I started with a Z-stick on Homeseer and have bought a UZB as people said the Z-stick was problematic in Homeseer. I've now made the UZB primary interface and the nodes were copied sync'd across ok- but since adding more nodes they are out of sync. I know this isn't the backup being discussed here but at least it gives me a fallback option if I can figure out how to sync them. I also have them both next to each other in the Raspberry PI which I suspect will not be good for RF- so I'd like to remove one after a while.

          Could Homeseer at least explain what options we have to give redundancy to mitigate stick failure? I'm trying to go through forums and docs- but many of these seem out of date. For example, I watched the Alexa video but the menu that the article refers to for full documents doesn't even seem to exist (I say as my eyes, and head, are increasingly dim! )
          I aspired to Homeseer since I had Homevision but never quite justified it- and having binned all the X-10 kit I have a lot of Z-wave devices with months invested in setting up systems to get where I want, so I really like to know the investment is robust.

          Options- Please?....



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            After days of searching I finally found a workaround. Guess what, the Aeotec "Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software" is able to backup from, and restore to, the UZB interface. It is able to move all node information including topology (unfortunately no way to reset the topology) so I sleep a little bit better now. I was able to backup 60 devices from my main 5.6 controller to a 5.27 and a 5.36 controller without issues.

            Still, a working backup/restore in HomeSeer would be so much better and more convenient, and it would also help in topology issues as the topology can be reset.

            This tool can be found here:
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              stefxx, thanks for the plan B. Just made a backup of one of my UZB controllers this way (lesson learned the hard way unfortunately).

              Unfortunately for my second UZB controller on Z-net it will be to late I guess (I have a HomeSeer backup but format is different). Destroyed my configuration on that stick by performing a restore, found out later that function is not working correctly. Not a nice of Homeseer to let a lot of users down this way.


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                stefxx I want to move from Zusb to Aeotec "Z-Stick Gen5 and keep the UZB as backup. So i can use this backup tool to copy all info to the Aeotec "Z-Stick Gen5 and then i can pull out the UZB and keep it on a safe place and everything still works after starting HS3?


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                  There is only one way to find out... Try it!


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                    Tried it. It doesn't work. I will need to deep dive in it..


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                      I have played the same game.. between zooz and HST ( bought a z wave zooz stick).

                      In resumé:

                      1. zooz claimed they sent a unit to hst ....and the restore option was supposed to be ok.
                      2. Hs support said it was not supported.
                      3. rich said it was supposed to be supported.

                      So i changed my zooz for a hs zwave g2 stick..........! Works great, but was a waste of time (3)weeks)


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                        My understanding is that Zooz had changed the method needed to restore with an updated version , HS adjusted the process to restore to support that, then with a later version, Zooz changed it again, and HS has not yet adjusted the plugin to match the latest change. So yes, Zooz caused it, and HS needs to adjust their plugin to support it, but hard to blame HS for the issue.
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