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3-Way Association Not Working

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    3-Way Association Not Working

    I have three Cooper Wiring light switches, one master and two slaves. The were node 42, 43, 44. I went to node 42 and added an association with node 43 and another association with node 44. Then I went to node 43 and wanted to add associations with node 42 and 44. However, the only device options I saw was node 44 and 43(!!). The last one would create an association with itself and node 42 was missing. When I went back to the device management page I realized that suddenly I had TWO node 43 and node 44 but node 42 disappeared. Why is this happening? And how can I prevent this from happening????

    Edit 1: Interestingly, when I remove the associations I added I suddenly have node 42 back, i.e. not duplicate node 43 anymore. So that gives me some hope things didn't get totally messed up but it's still worrisome.

    Edit 2: So the following works. I first go to the highest node number 44 and then start adding nodes with the lowest node number. In my case I first added association with node 42 and then 43. Then I go to the next lower node number from those 3 switches, i.e. node 43. Then again I start with the lowest node 42 and then add node 44. Finally I go to node 42 and add an association with node 43 and then node 44. In summary:

    Go to node 44: Add association to node 42. Add association to node 43.
    Go to node 43: Add association to node 42. Add association to node 44.
    Go to node 42: Add association to node 43. Add association to node 44.

    So it seems it matters what sequence you use. If you chose the wrong one then the node numbers in the device management page get messed up.

    I had a similar interesting experience.
    Using 2 - WD-200's
    3-way setup with associations
    Switch 1, name A, node 3
    Switch 2, name B, node 4

    I associated group 2 3->4 and 4->
    I was getting some funny results. So I removed the associations, and now the switches have exchanged identities.

    Switch 1 now has the name, node number and is referenced by events that switch 2 had.
    Switch 2 has now become name A, node 3 and reacts to events that were tied to switch 1.