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  • Fibaro Motion Sensor Event

    Having trouble setting up Fibaro motion sensor and triggering an event.
    - I have been using the Aeotec multisensor without any difficulty, but they weren't available. Decided to try the Fibaro multisensor. It pairs well with the controller, but cannot get the motion sensor to trigger a simple event.
    - the event will run when I test it from the homeseer application, however, the event does not register from the Fibaro device.
    - the eye will register the movement, as indicated by the flashing light from the eye.

    - Any suggestions?

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    Sorry - just a follow up with more information
    - i have left the parameters in the default settings
    - I have logged into the parent device and run through the settings - nothing out of the normal settings (based on the default settings from the Fibaro PDF file).


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      What is the time-out for the motion sensor? In the Device Management page, does the Sensor Binary change back to "Off-Closed-No Motion" after a while? Your event looks correct.
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        It never changes status


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          Status of the motion child has just changed - no idea why. No one is even near the sensor.