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  • Fibaro RGBW Module

    Hi, i am wondering if anybody can help me. I have a Fibaror RGBW module connected to 5m of LED Ribbon, which is working fine. I have a toggle switch wired across IN4 and GND which quite nicely turns on the white LEDS. What I am struggling with is how to configure it to turn the lights of when I switch it to what would be a traditional light switch's off position. I can turn it off by rocking the switch 3 times, but this is not meeting SWMBO's approval.

    I have read the manual, but it is not clear whether I can even do what I am looking to do. Can anybody help please?

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    I use an event to turn the rgb lights off. That event sets every colour channel to off, red, blue, green and white.


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      So a little persistence, some support from Vesternet's Tech Support (thanks Martyn), a reboot of Homeseer and the Fibaro RGBW module and all is well.
      I changed Parameter 14 to 17476 (Decimal) 2 bit and all works well. SWMBO is now very happy.