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Z-Wave vs Lutron for occupancy controlled lighting

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  • Z-Wave vs Lutron for occupancy controlled lighting

    Just got my first few z-wave 200+ dimmers installed with my Homeseer system and perhaps need to reconsider my lighting strategy. We're a family of 5 with elementary age kids.

    I'd wanted to have pathways in our house dimly lit up late at night (hallways, stairways etc). I have low voltage LED's mounted low (step lights, under cabinet lights) around most of those places and at least was going to have Homeseer sensors in place to control lights when say someone gets up to use the bathroom late at night or just needs to get somewhere without getting blasted by full on lighting.

    It works briskly at times but in a few rooms, there's a notable delay in the lights coming on after you enter. In a few others, the z-wave interface isn't able to reach the dimmers. I know once I get more devices around the house that'll improve but it made me think I need a mixed use of lutron maestro switches with built in dimmers controlling the pathways and bathroom under cabinet lights to provide quicker switch-on times. Disadvantage is it's a one trick pony. I can't have the light do one thing at 8PM and another at midnight (which I really like on the Homeseer stuff). Nor any of the home-wide scene controls etc.

    But if I need to wait a second for the light to switch on, it seems worthwhile to have the minimum necessary light (the one under the cabinet that gives sufficient light to not walk into a wall) on a more rapid response maestro switch.

    3rd alternative I can think of is just leaving those critical lights on at 5% all night. No issues with response time. Then use the homeseer dimmers to control less time-critical switching.

    I'm still dialing in everything but I have 60+ switches to go through and would prefer not do redo anything later.

    Curious what others have done or advice ?

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    We are building a new house, and went with all Lutron lighting and occupancy controls. These are all hardwired, and I think are a safer bet than 200+ zwave devices for lighting control. HS has a Lutron plug in that allows the control and reading of sensors from the Lutron system.

    I would also say, that while I have HS set up in a highly reliable way, WAF really really takes a hit if you can't turn the lights on when she pushes a button. Esp for a new hopuse, where all the walls are open, I would always always do hardwired instead of RF where I could.

    That's true for lighting and security.



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      Good to know on the plug-in for Lutron. I think I'm going to put Lutron's in rooms I need minimal emergency light (under-cabinet lights in bathrooms etc) and Homeseer where I need more flexibility. I have our master closet setup so that it puts out only minimal light after the first of us goes to bed. Can't do that with Lutron that I know.