My z-wave network got all messed up so I erased the entire network and started from scratch including redoing all my events. In the new setup I created an association between a master and slave switch but they didn't synchronize (when I press the button of one switch the other one doesn't know the on/off status changed). This works fine for several other master/slave switches, just not for that set of switches. After looking into this it turns out they both had the same node ID 22!!! So I deleted those two devices and then using the Z-Tool+ app on my phone removed the two devices. To my surprise the first switch removed device 20!!! rather than 22 (the second switch did indeed remove 22). I wanted to find out what device 20 was so I went to an event that turns off all indoor light switch. Surprise again, I saw a couple of steps where I got the error message "Device with ref=21 is no longer in the system". 21??!!

In summary, I ended up with two devices with ID 22. Then when removing those devices it removes device ID 20 and 22. And then in the events it tells me device ID 21 is missing???!!! Has anybody else experienced anything like this? This is getting VERY frustrating.