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Device list incorrect after OTA firmware upgrade

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    Device list incorrect after OTA firmware upgrade

    Hi there,

    After using the OTA firmware update feature on some of my devices, I find that HomeSeer can get into a wacky state where the device or child-devices don't always reflect reality. This happened when I updated my Dragon Tech WS/WD-100s to their last firmware (v5.16 - is there anything newer?). In that case I had to remove and re-add every single device from my HS network for things to be reflected properly.

    This time, I'm in the process of updating my Aeon Labs Multisensor 6's to FW version 1.13 and I'm running into similar issues.

    For example, here is a device I have not yet upgraded:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	before.PNG
Views:	138
Size:	146.9 KB
ID:	1309708
    And here is one that I have:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	after.PNG
Views:	88
Size:	227.4 KB
ID:	1309709
    Notice there are several phantom child devices that don't really map to anything.

    Nothing I try seems to correct this issue. I've tried:
    - Rescan of the device
    - Network optimization (didn't expect it to do anything, but why not?)
    - Audit the node
    - Restart HS3

    Is there anything else that might fix this issue short of me removing the node and then re-adding like I did previously? It's quite a time consuming process to do that...

    Any ideas?