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How To Change Z-Net Reserved IP Address

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  • How To Change Z-Net Reserved IP Address

    Searched but didn't find the answer to this: I want to change the reserved IP address in my router for my Z-Net but can't find anyplace in the Z-Wave plugin configuration to tell Homeseer what the new address is going to be to look for the interface. I tried changing it in the router and rebooting the Z-Net which came up with the new address OK but when I stopped and restarted the plugin it did not find it at the new address. I don't see a place to edit it manually so how do I change this in Homeseer?

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    You'll need to disable the interface first. On the Plugins->Z-Wave->Controller Management page, click on the green checkmark icon.

    If 'Interface Model' is 'HomeSeer Z-NET Ethernet', the IP address displayed underneath the 'Choose Interface' selector comes from data. You may need to wait for this to propagate after you change the address (10 minutes or so, refresh the page while you wait).

    If 'Interface Model' is 'Ethernet Interface', you can enter the IP address directly. Make sure that the port number is 2001.


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      I'll try that. Thanks!