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  • GoControl Garage Door Opener

    Hooked this up for the first time today and had it working. Ended up unplugging it to clean up the wiring when it was all done and now it won't work. It detects door movement just fine- open, closed, etc. If I hit the button in homeseer it will say- opening/closing appropriately but door never moves. I have redone the wiring 4 times, which shouldn't matter, wall button works fine, remotes work fine. I've read there can be a quality issue to the control units. Is that all this is- would stink if it's junk out of the box.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Does the LED work? There is a design error where the LED is being overstressed and can fail prematurely.

    One thing you might try - swap the polarity of the wires connecting between the opener and the controller.