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  • Moving to another computer

    I had a wonderful event yesterday. My Motherboard died so time to move to a new system. The motherboard is too old so I have to replace it with a newer module. I have backups of the old computer. The last time I did something like this I basically started from scratch but this time I don't want to do that since I am very happy with my setup. So my question is does a procedure exist to move z-wave devices from one computer to another without re-scanning every device?


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    You just need to install HS3 on the new machine and be sure your z-wave controller is properly recognized. Then copy the entire Homseer HS3 directory over from the old drive and replace the new install. Everything should come back up as before. The devices' z-wave inclusion data is stored on the z-wave chip in the controller.


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      Okay thanks will try coming weekend when the new parts are in.


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        If I am not mistaken, you need to install the same bit [width] OS as your old OS. In other words, if you were using a 32-bit OS, for the "over-write" process to work correctly, you need to install another 32-bit OS.

        Maybe someone else can confirm for sure?


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          Apologies for taking this long. The move was successful. I did move to the same 64-bit operating system. Need to be sure that the smartstick is on the same UZB port. I had to change it to COM6 in the device manager. After that everything worked.


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            Just for others out there, I moved from win2k3 (32 bit)to win2k16 (64bit) without issue other than path specifics within scripts. Just install fresh copy of homeseer then overwrite the HS3 directory with that of the previous system.

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              Homeseer also has a built in backup and restore u see settings


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                Originally posted by Dweber85rc View Post
                Homeseer also has a built in backup and restore u see settings
                It's not comprehensive enough though.