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Problem Adding Cooper RFWC5 Scene Controller to HS3

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  • Problem Adding Cooper RFWC5 Scene Controller to HS3

    I've had no luck adding a newly installed Cooper RFWC5 Scene Controller to my Z-Wave network. As expected, when installed and energized the RFWC5, all 5 blue LED are flashing (power is connected) and when the 'Add Node to Network' is attempted (press All OFF key once after ) the LEDs sequence one-by-one, but immediately the controller returned to 5 flashing LEDs and no connections are seen in HS3. the documentation is wholly inadequate to troubleshoot this or any problem.
    Can anyone suggest where I should go or try from here?

    btw: I also added 2 WD100+ switched in the same box and added them without any problem (not a Z-Wave range issue).

    Thanks, I hope you can help

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    RESOLVED (thanks to HomeSeer support)...
    The issue was the Scene Controller was too far removed from Z-Wave main interface to handshake and be added to the network... Once I move the hometrollerSEL close to the installed RFWC5, the connection was established. Now the nearby WD100+ and other Z-Wave nodes are communicating and relaying as expected.