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Restore back the system? How?

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  • Restore back the system? How?


    By playing I have managed to destroy the HS3 setup. The reason for this was my system started to become unresponsive. UZB ME key was led light was ON all the time (not just blinking) and all actions to devices was delayed seriously. Something happened, don't know what?

    I did create a backups of HS3 and Z-wave. But restoring does not seem to do the job.

    What I did was:

    Backup the interface
    Erase the Interface
    Restore the network to this Interface.

    Now the USB key will light all the time as soon I plug it in.

    - My Z-wave key will show the nodes.
    - Log files of HS3 and Z-wave shows nothing unusual. Would expect it to run crazy as UZB ME lights ON all the time.

    So how to approach this? How to disable all devices and enable them one by one to get it working? How do you recover from this. Where to look, where to start?

    Thank you