Hey all
After a few years of using another product which did run better on my Apple platform I recently decided to go back on the HomeSeer train. I left when HS2 moved to HS3 and in that early days I missed some functionality and stability. And...to be honest, was not happy on having Windows XP as the corner stone of my house....

Currently it is running stable again for weeks and running it on macOS native, off course via the Mono route. So having best of both worlds now I guess.

Coming to the question; I noticed that reachability and command quality dropped comparing to my previous solution. Aeotec stick and sever location did not change. I'm thinking that it could be related to the Z-wave plugin working and specific the gZwavePollFailures parameter. With 458 (sub) devices in the network it might have to do with that I guess. Although a Z-Wave network normally gets more stable when the network grows.....this parameter looks promising. To many devices in the "unknown" state each day. Today the parameter reads "2".

I'm working with Z-Wave for years, knowing about the routing and the difference between Z-Wave and Z-Wave+. Not trying to tell I am the expert here haha but working with home automation for a decade learnt me that every issue is always "new" and will break the WAF if you don't take care...

I could not find a definition of this parameter or suggestion what would be the best value. Anyone here having experience with this who can guide me to the right website or PDF? Appreciate your guidance.