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Zwave restore not working - homeID not reflashed

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  • Zwave restore not working - homeID not reflashed

    Hi all,
    any ideas on this little problem?

    I've got 252 of the zwave PI and performing a restore does NOT work - could be to do with my controller node is at address 108? I've got a UZB stick.

    So, it seems to do a reset, sets a temporary home ID, then never flashes the old home ID - any ideas on what to actually do?
    Jul-26 14:46:43 Z-Wave UZB: Z-Wave interface node ID: 1, Home ID: FDE852A9 - this is still the temporary new home ID....
    Jul-26 14:46:43 Z-Wave UZB: Z-Wave Serial API version: 5
    Jul-26 14:46:43 Z-Wave UZB: Controller firmware version: 5.2
    Jul-26 14:46:43 Z-Wave UZB: Controller Manufacturer: PowerLynx, ID=0x1, Type=0x4
    Jul-26 14:46:40 Z-Wave UZB: Getting node information from controller...
    Jul-26 14:46:40 Z-Wave UZB: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Jul-26 14:46:40 Z-Wave Initializing Z-Wave interface UZB ( UZB) on COM3
    Jul-26 14:46:40 Z-Wave UZB: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Jul-26 14:46:40 Z-Wave UZB: ============================================================ ==========
    Jul-26 14:46:33 Z-Wave UZB: Exiting COM Device Thread
    Jul-26 14:46:33 Z-Wave Warning A Z-Wave interface on the system is being restarted - some Z-Wave signals could be missed.
    Jul-26 14:46:28 Z-Wave UZB: Erase complete - sending the network ID to the interface.
    Any help appreciated, I really don't want to start from scratch for 40+ nodes and hundreds of events

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    This is an ongoing issue. My system was working fine then all when to hell and no more restores. The only thing that happened anywhere near that time was a memory leak causing the system to run out of memory. The only way I've been able to do a restore to a SmartStick+ is to put the SS+ on the computer then move it once it's restored. However that didn't work with the UZB.
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Standard Edition
    Linux version: Linux auto 4.15.0-72-generic #81-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 26 12:20:02 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    Number of Devices: 484 | Number of Events: 776

    Enabled Plug-Ins: AirplaySpeak | BLBackup EasyTrigger | 1.3.7006.42100: LiftMaster MyQ mcsMQTT | PHLocation2 | Pushover 3P RaspberryIO | Z-Wave

    Z-Net version: 1.0.23 for Inclusion Nodes
    SmartStick+: 6.04 (ZDK 6.81.3) on Server


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      So try installing HS on another system and see if the restore works on that?


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        Ok, so I found a post jon00 made on how to upgrade my UZB, as it was only at 5.2 luckily.

        Followed the instructions, but needs the extra service restart otherwise it doesn't present the firmware page.

        There's another thread which discusses the problem confirming 5.4 and 5.5 working. Decided to go to 5.4, and then did a restore - SUCCESS!!

        It's definitely a zwave PI issue - very PI and firmware specific, and 5.4 firmware with the latest zwave beta does NOT allow a restore at all.