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Device action updates (Aeon-Labs dimmer & Schlage lock)

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    Device action updates (Aeon-Labs dimmer & Schlage lock)

    Two questions regarding device actions:

    1) For Aeon-Labs G2 dimmer (DSC25-ZWUS) I was finally able to sort out HomeSeer updating status instantly when manually controlling the dimmer direct. Under Z-Wave settings the option for "Notification" was set to default of Disabled for some reason, and setting this to Enabled did the trick. Now events relying on current value can be relied on again. The setting was also available for Aeon-Labs Appliance Switches, so I ended up having to edit about 15 devices manually, but need to include a lot more (100+) once I get to all the in-wall devices.

    Is there a way to save like a "default" setting for a device, so that when an alike device gets added it re-uses those values?

    That way I only have to configure one device perfect in how I want to use it, and then all subsequent devices will go a lot faster.

    Or am I overlooking an option in HomeSeer to mass-edit devices?

    2) With all the Aeon Labs devices now instantly updating status when I change the device manually I'm left with my Schlage lock not doing the same when "Access Control Notification" kicks in with an "Auto Lock Locked Operation" after the 30-second auto-lock feature activates. Have not yet installed the Aeon-Labs door sensor, so relying on the Schlage lock itself to lock itself and will eventually replace this with HomeSeer control so the deadbolt does not try to lock itself with the door still open. For right now the deadbolt locking itself automatically after 30-seconds works fine, and the Access Control Notification shows up, but then the lock status within HomeSeer for the "Door Lock" entry remains at "Unlocked".

    I know I'm able to poll the lock for status, but that will drain battery. Can also create an event to look for the "Auto Lock Locked Operation" change and then apply another "Lock" command, even though the deadbolt is already locked, just so that HomeSeer updates.

    The Schlage lock however should support push-notifications, because on my old Vera3 controller this worked fine without any polling (or could manually poll if something failed or was out of sync after power-failure. Expanding "Settings" for the Schlage lock however, does not reveal any "Notification" field like it does the Aeon-Labs devices and all I can control are the user-PIN-codes.

    Am I overlooking something?