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Qolsys panel questions...!!

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    Qolsys panel questions...!!

    Just bought a new home and it comes with some free home automation through for 3 years

    For free I get the following: -Qolsys IQ Smart Panel -2x Honeywell Zwave thermostats -1x Skybell video doorbell -1x kwikset zwave smart lock -1x zwave lightswitch

    What I can't decide is do I want to have my security system set up through this same panel and (to have security and home automation) or go with something cheaper like SimpliSafe?

    The issue is, 3 years down the road, after my "free" home automation is up, I loose the main thing I like...remote automation (alexa) of devices through the smart panel of my zwave devices.

    So, what are options to remotely (via alexa) control zwave devices like my switch, lock, and thermostats? Are there any smart panels like the Qolsys that I can use as well without having to pay a subscription?

    I believe some people use HomeSeer as their sole home security. There are some plugins written for this purpose. The z-wave devices currently connected to the QolSys panel can be excluded and then included into HS after the free 3 years is up. I guess this solution includes the ability to call 911 through some sort of integration. Myself, I would rather pay for the monthly monitoring charges from a monitoring company than to rely on my own programming and settings skills.

    As an aside, I recently had a QolSys panel installed, and really wish there was a way to integrate the alarm panel's status with HS.