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Inovelli color change and multitap scene?

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  • Inovelli color change and multitap scene?

    I picked up a few of these inovelli switches and running HS4 beta. Was able to get the switches setup but needed non secure mode (same when testing in HS3). Everything works great except I can't seem to get the multi tap and notification color change as an option. Looks to be very simple to do with Hubitat but no one has info on it with homeseer. I really don't want to add a Hubitat hub to the system just so we can get these notification and taps, but since there's a hubitat plugin for hs4 it might fit.

    Just trying to get a simple command so if we tap off 3 times it goes red and shuts off all the lights. Maybe opposite if tap on 3 times.

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    I wasn't aware of these switches until I read your post, so take these comments for what they're worth.

    In general, HST has to explicitly incorporate support for new/different z-wave devices. As I understand it, this is a shortcoming of the z-wave protocol. Generally speaking it seems to take HST a while to make the code changes for a new device/features. (Still waiting for multi-tap support for standard GE/Jasco switches and dimmers that was requested months ago.) Currently the push with HS4 would likely make the wait even longer.

    I would have assumed support for this switch isn't done yet, but interestingly, the Inovelli website appears to say the switch's advanced features are supported by Homeseer. The scene control and LED notifications sound analogous to the Homeseer HS-WS200+, so perhaps support for that device also works for the Inovelli switch? Or maybe HST has in fact incorporated support already? Or maybe the Inovelli website is wrong.

    If the multi-tap scene control is supported, you should see 3 HS devices like this:
    Click image for larger version

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    And if LED notifications are supported the same as for the HS-WS200+, the device should show up in Z-wave Actions in event creation similar to this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Annotation 2020-02-20 080020.jpg
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    If not, you'll likely have to wait for HST to get around to implementing support.

    I hope this helps.


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      Thanks this does help a lot. but it looks like there isn't any led actions or anything similar, it looks like the best bet is to use hubitat and the homeseer plugin as Inovelli has that all setup and easy to use. Something with device handler is needed I'm new to Zwave so still learning. I did find out through logging the central scene number for the actions which solves the multi tap issue. Might try to play around with random scene numbers to see if it changes the colors. I'm switching from Insteon switches and these Inovelli seem great so far and the color bar looks really nice.

      up press 2000
      up hold 2001
      up 2 times 2003
      up 3 times 2004
      up 4 times 2005
      up 5 times 2006

      down press 1000
      down hold 1001
      ​​​​​​​down 2 times 1003
      ​​​​​​​down 3 times 1004
      ​​​​​​​down 4 times 1005
      ​​​​​​​down 5 times 1006

      Config button 3000


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        justinm001 I too would like to see the full control of Inovelli. I also have the Ilumin bulbs (Inovelli) LZW41 and 42 and they work through the Hubitat PI but not directly in HS. I wonder if Gnant from Inovelli has a solution for HS.


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          The LED strip can be controlled using parameters.

          I have several LZW31-SN switches and set parameter 16 to a certain value. I use to figure out the right one. For example, 67045889 is flashing red. Setting it to 0 will stop the notification.

          You set the parameters in Homeseer using the Z-Wave Actions in events.

          Different switches use a different parameter number. The toolbox site will state which parameter to change.


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            Thanks The plant! This works perfectly. For the long codes you need to set 4 bytes which took a minute to figure out. Only had a week or two but these lights have all the features i could ask for. The red chase is great for alarm and gets your attention


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              I've got these swiitches - indeed, no built in HS support for LED changes yet, though setting the parameters does work. However the Central Scene does indeed work for multi-tap.

              My favourite thing wiith these switches is the ability to use a smart bulb, and disable the relay so that the load stays always on. I then use the central scene to trigger the bulb on/off. That way my Hue bulbs always have power to them and can be controlled all the time via HS or Hue app, without worrying about if the switch is powered up....