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Can I add associated devices manually? (Energy measuring)

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    Interestingly, it appears that using Ztools+ or the latpop to REMOVE the node does not work. I had about 4 or 5 iterations in the Node listing, but only one or two would actually be deleted when I use remove. Click image for larger version

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Name:	Screenshot_20200830-213225.jpg
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ID:	1415499 The rest I had to delete manually: Click image for larger version

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      TexARC I'd open a support a ticket and mark it Major/High-Priority since this affects your locks/security. The Schlage locks are well documented and should add with no problem.


        TC1, thanks. I will definitely do that if the lock arriving tomorrow doesn't behave properly. I've gone back to my log settings, and increased the params so that the events are all conserved for a good while in case it becomes relevant.


          New lock arrived and exactly the same failed behaviors. I've started a ticket and am very interested to see how HS responds. I might have made one other ticket or two since 2017 when I bought the HS6 Pro/HS3 and such, but I don't recall at this point. I definitely need help on this. Started another one on my camera that Netcam won't recognize, as well. trying a Two-Fer. thanks!


            At this point I got in from Amazon a second z-wave plus deadbolt lock, and HS4 has the same problem installing it as a fully potent lock (it doesn't). It recognizes it as a zwave device but doesn't bestow the functions of the other Schlage locks I have on HS4. And neither one will actually delete the nodes that it installs. So after multiple attempts, scanning after installation, and then deleting the nodes, I have a number of ghost nodes that theoretically were deleted but in fact were not. I have not bothered to actually install the lock, instead keeping it within a few feet of the ZWave extension from the Homeseer 6 Pro running HS4. It has been about a week since anyone at HS has bothered to respond to my posts asking them for help on my help ticket. They don't seem to care. Click image for larger version

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              The fact you have now attempted multiple Z-wave locks and none of them install properly means that there is something fundamentally wrong with your setup. So removing and re-adding will have no beneficial effect, IMO. You need to make HST Support aware of this so they don't keep going through the motions thinking this is an isolated incident related to just one device.