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    Originally posted by pistacheL0 View Post
    With the last release . 7 version when I had the zwave ui plugin activated, the zwave core plugin were stalling at 100% usage

    After a system backup, I am now testing if this will be the case or not with this new beta.

    I would also like to get the documentation please.
    Still getting the issue. I will wait for the hs4 native plugin and won,t install zwave ui.


      Originally posted by George View Post
      There are no release notes at all. Not sure why anyone would install it without knowing what it's supposed to fix or support.
      Pretty standard for HST customer support.
      I found under the notes for the new HS300 wall switch that the new beta zwave plugin was modified to better handle the HS300 switch. If you don't have the HS300 switch then you don't need the updated beta plugin.


        Originally posted by Rupp View Post

        It's in the HS4 updater under beta.
        Greetings, I see new release Z-WAVE Beta with no release notes and a Z-WAVE Core with release notes and changes made on 11/2. Usually Beta releases have a higher number indicating the most recently changed but without release notes on the Beta, along with actual changes recently to the core as of 11/2 it's all a little confusing. What one is the most recently updated, and to what degree of differences between the core and beta at this point would be helpful.