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    Association / Linking

    My home automation is via HomeSeer (HS) and is the primary z-wave controller. I have a Cytech Comfort II Ultra alarm with a z-wave module. Comfort acts as a secondary controller.

    I have 3 z-wave window sensors from Aeotec. 2 version 7, 1 version 5.

    All 3 sensors are set up in HS and are working fine.

    I have 3 virtual inputs set up in Comfort for these sensors they appear in HS as z-wave nodes.

    In the 2 version 7 sensors I was able to associate the sensor with the virtual input using Group 2, HS being Group 1. I did this via the plugin and it works as expected, when the sensor is triggered virtual input changes state.

    With the older sensor, version 5, there is only 1 group. It has HS in the group. I can associate the virtual node into the group but it doesn't work.

    I tried linking the device in HS. The devices linked but, the output of the sensor is 22=ON and 23=OFF. The virtual node in Comfort appears to receive 22 and 23 but the virtual input does not react to those values. I'm guessing it wants 0 and 1 or something similar.

    I have a workround using events in HS but would prefer a direct solution rather than a workround.

    I appreciate your thoughts on solutions.