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Unresponsive Node & Multiple Instances

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    Unresponsive Node & Multiple Instances

    I have a z-wave node (#50) that shows up 4 times, 3 times as a Cooper Wiring Light and once as a (generic) Sigma Light. When I try to control them I get the question mark, i.e. they are not responding. When I look at the node information in my z-wave plugin in then I can see it has a bunch of neighbors so it seems it was working fine in the past. Strangely, when z-seer+ is scanning all the nodes it jumps over node 50. Also I am not sure why the devices show up with the generic name because I usually set the floor and room values right after the include process. So my questions are:
    • Why is node 50 listed by the z-wave plugin but not with z-seer+?
    • Why do I have 4 devices all node 50? I thought the z-wave plugin increments the number for each device and then wraps around after 255.
    • Is there an easy way to figure out if there is a 5th device that has node 50? Maybe that device is actually working.
    • Can I just delete all 4 "Node 50" devices without affecting a possible 5th working(!) device that also has node 50?
    • Is there an easy way to see which z-wave node is what device (floor, room, name)? I don't see such an option on the web portal under Devices but maybe there are some other tools to do that.

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