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    Bit further on

    Ok got my zwave and IRTrans to work together by changing the files but now I cant have any usb serial convertors running at the same time if I do it comes up not seeing the zwave in homeseer again.


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      Same problem with rfxcom and z-wave

      Hi I'm experiencing the same problem.

      I've unplugged the rfxcom and z-wave device, uninstalled the z-wave driver and the ftdi-drivers I had installed for the rfxcom.

      Next I downloaded the latest ftdi drivers and altered the inf files (this step might need a more detailed description for some). Plugged in the z-wave, and i let windows instal the latest (modified) driver. Started homeseer and the z-wave device turned out to work perfectly with the latest ftdi driver.

      Next I plugged in the rfxcom (usb transmitter), let windows install the same driver for this device as wel... started homeseer and it stopped recognizing the z-wave again. (If I unplug the rfxcom, then z-wave works again.)

      Who can resolve this?

      (an alternative z-wave device might also be a solution, the only one I know of, for europe, is the ACT ZCU010. RFXCom does add quite some functionality, I hope I won't end up having to choose between rfxcom and z-wave)


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        for the moment i'm living without RFXCom as I need my Z-Wave more


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          here the same problem.
          i must choose between zwave or rfxcom

          ideas are welcome


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            RFXCOM uses the standard and unmodified drivers from FTDI so it can't be solved by RFXCOM.

            Did anybody report this problem to the Z-Wave supplier?



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              I hope this solution will work for you:
              1 remove the ZWave device in the Homeseer Setup-Interfaces tab
              2 stop Homeseer.
              3 delete the ZWave and the RFXCOM USB devices from the Hardware-Devices
              4 uninstall the old FTDI drivers
              5 unzip the attached driver files to your disk. (but don't install them at this point)
              6 connect the zwave and the RFXCOM receiver. Don't install the drivers automatically but install them from the location where you unzipped the drivers.
              7 check the COM port which is assigned to the Zwave device (is in the Hardware-Devices list)
              8 start Homeseer and connect the Zwave device but now using the COM port.

              It should work now. I have installed the ZWave device using this procedure and the HS log shows:
              22-7-2007 17:29:51 ~!~Startup~!~Initializing Z-Wave Interface on COM port: 17 at 115K baud.
              22-7-2007 17:29:51 ~!~Info~!~Found 0 Z-Wave nodes
              22-7-2007 17:29:51 ~!~Info~!~Z-Wave interface version: 4
              22-7-2007 17:29:51 ~!~Info~!~Z-Wave interface node ID: 1
              22-7-2007 17:29:51 ~!~Startup~!~Initializing Plug-Ins
              22-7-2007 17:29:51 ~!~Z-Wave~!~Controller firmware version: 2.45

              The attached zip file contains the latest FTDI drivers with modified .INF files for the ZWave device. You will get a warning that the drivers are not certified. This is normal because the .INF are updated for the Zwave.

              Attached Files


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                Act Zcu201

                I have just installed HS2.2.066 and stopped.
                I am trying to install ACT ZCU201 USB adapter, Windows XPSP2 recognize it as a RS232 to USB adapter and cannot find the driver. Any of other USB drivers are not suitable. Any idea?


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                  You need to instal the port drivers from act.


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                    Does anyone know where to find drivers for AspireRF RFUSB drivers for 64bit Win 7?

                    edit: I got the correct 64bit drivers from Cooper wiring but they are also available from
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                      Wondering if there are any Intermatic HA-22 drivers out there for CE 6.0?

                      Just wondering? Trying out little experiment here.
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