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Troubleshooting Z-Wave Networks

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  • Troubleshooting Z-Wave Networks

    Having trouble with your Z-Wave network? Before you start adding, removing or replacing, try these simple steps first.

    1) Update the firmware in your Z-Troller™ or SmartStick™ ito the latest version, if you haven't already done so. These firmware updates may be found on the 'downloads' page of our website. The latest firmware releases include significant changes designed to improve routing in networks with mixed devices (40 kbps and 9.6 kbps).

    2) Optimize your Z-Wave network using HomeSeer software (HS2™, HSPRO™, Z-Tool™ or Z-Seer™). Be sure any battery-operated devices (including all Z-Wave sensors) are awake when you do this. For our HSM100 multi-sensors, just tap the blue button on the left side; for ACT motions sensors, remove and reinstall the batteries - this will wake the sensors for 10 minutes.

    3) For each applicable module in your network, remove the association to HomeSeer and then re-add that association. This will force an update to the routing table.

    4) Optimize your network again.
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