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Setting Up a Z-Wave Network

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  • Setting Up a Z-Wave Network

    There are three ways to set up a Z-Wave network:
    1. Use our Z-Troller™. See the video on this page for a quick overview of how this works: The great thing about the Z-Troller is that it functions as both a Z-Wave primary controller AND a PC interface... all in one unit!
    2. Use our SmartStick™ and Z-Tool™ software with your laptop PC. Just plug the SmartStick into a USB port and then, using Z-Tool, add all your devices to the network. When you're done, you can transplant the SmartStick to your desktop PC (or Mac) for software control of your network.
    3. Use *most* any handheld Z-Wave primary controller (from ACT, Intermatic, Cooper, Leviton, etc..) to set up your Z-Wave network and then copy (replicate) the network to *most* any Z-Wave PC interface (USB or Serial).
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