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  • European RF Connect off Merten GmbH

    Does annyone know if the products of Merten GmBh (European Z-wave) can be used with Homeseer?
    If have filled my house with a lot of these products and would like to enlarge with other sensors. Using Homeseer for my house seems like the best solution if possible.

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    I have some wired Merten Connect modules over here, they work perfect. I believe there are some problems with the battery operated switches.


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      I only have merten z-wave components; they work perfectly. The battery operated switches don't work with homeseer though. It's impossible to assiociate. Strangly enough it is possible with the Merten software. Other than that it's fine.


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        Using them and am happy only need to know if Merten USB will work with HS

        I have multiple Merten products in my house and am very happy with them.
        The only thing i would like to know if anyone is using the merten usb z-wave adapter in combination with HS. I read tseveral questions on this but untill now i can't find a sollid answer no either how to get the interface to be recognized by HS.

        I'm looking forward to hear.


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          I wonder if the Merten Radiocontrolpanel works together with HS. Anyone who has tried that one in a system.


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            You can use the devices in Merten software or in Homeseer software. It is not possible to learn the devices twice in two differenced softwares.

            Sometimes you can only use the Merten software to connect some devices to the recievers.

            BR Wim


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              I think you are wrong here. I can not see any "logical" problems to use as first stage Merten Configurator software and store network data in some Merten controller (Master for network). After this you just transfer data to HS and use this one as Slave...


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                I use since 2011 several Merten devices in my house. I use them after imported the devices in HS3 from the Merten Connect USB data interface.
                Now I am renovate my house and like to update the Merten devices with the Merten Configurator software. You have to use also the Merten Connect USB data interface.
                But I am missing the driver for this USB interface. Can someone download the driver for Windows?