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Fibaro RGBW Configuration

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    Fibaro RGBW Configuration

    I've been struggling to get my Fibaro RGBW modules working despite reading up on various threads and external links. A concise set of examples might be a useful resource as they seem like such a versatile device.

    Can anyone explain in simple terms how to configure parameters for these units for common uses?

    Thanks in advance

    I've only installed one so far, so by no means fully familiar with this module...

    But what are you trying to do? What sort of switches are you using it with (momentary vs toggle) and what sort of lights are you installing with it?

    I use mine to control 2 strips of LED (a cool white strip and a warm white strip) connected to momentary switches. I've just replaced toggle switches with these momentary switches today because I think momentary switches are superior for this use (they're always in the 'right' direction and you can use them to dim the lights.)

    So.. in my case, I had parameter 14 set to '6666' when I had the toggle switches installed, and today I reprogrammed param 14 to '2222'.

    I also had to slow down the dimming speed so I can make better use of these momentary switch by setting parameter 10 to '20'.
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      Try an event like this, play with the value from 1-10.

      I have an rgb strip attached to it, no white (yet)
      No switched attached to the module.

      6= fire-like light
      7= kind of lightning, random white flashes and then slowly dimming blue light
      8= rainbow with bright colors
      9= rainbow with softer colors
      10= rapid flashing red/blue/white

      I also use a number of events to set 1 color, play with the dimmers and when you like the color set the percentages in the event.
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        Well I have two - one for an actual requirement and one to find a use for.

        The one I want to use will just have 4 LED strings on the output and 2 latching inputs (ideally, not linked to the LED output).

        I'd like to test a few things with the other one - switches and a variety of inputs including 0-10V.

        I was hoping for some basic advice on settings and perhaps a group effort to create a 'cheat sheet' or table for the various input/output configurations and the relevant parameter settings. It would be a great resource for everyone.

        Thanks for the help.