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How To Issue Washer - Dryer Alerts Using Energy-Aware Z-Wave Devices

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    Originally posted by collegeboyslive View Post
    Here, using an aeon labs gen 1 ( $24 on amazon ) no need to the much more expensive gen 2 ) whole house power monitor as a dryer power sensor. you only need ONE of the 2 probes, , simply open the back access panned and hook the probe around the read or the black wire. run the probe wire out of the existing hole and replace the cover.

    plug the sensor wire into the zwave module, link it to the zwave network and your done.. in 10 mins or less you can now see when the dryer is running ( power watts will be over 50 and when its off ( power watts will drop under 50 )

    I used 50 as a mark as some modern dryers have circuity that pulls a small amount of power even when off. an older dryer with a mechanical timer you can it to anything over 0 , but 50 will also work just fine.
    I just did this (got the sensor for $10 during black Friday/Cyber Monday sales). I put one lead dryer. However, I found though that the leads were long enough that I also was able to put it on the washer.

    So now the house will say "The Clothes in the Washer are done" or "The clothes in the Dryer are done." I got some pretty high WAF out of this for having spent $10. I had bought 2 units, so now to figure out where to use the other. Eventually I would like to get a GEM, but the breaker box is in our master (converted Garage), so I need to find another way to install it or wait until we pay to have it relocated.