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  • This works well.

    I thought I would provide feedback on this plugin, because it is working so well. I am using Osram Lightify BR30 tunable bulbs with the Osram Zigbee wireless gateway. I first bought one bulb and when I found that this worked well with Homeseer HS3, I bought 5 more. First, the bulbs and the gateway work very well. The range of this tiny gateway is excellent. Set up of the plugin was easy (after I figured out that you have to write in "OSR0" in addition to the unique numbers on the gateway. I misinterpreted what is written on the configuration page of the plugin as "OSR0" already being entered for you.). Integration with Amazon Echo is likewise excellent. Response times are excellent for events that I have created for these bulbs. Changing brightness and color temperature work as they should. I have two very minor criticisms and a suggestion. Temperature is in percent, when it should be in degrees; and after adding the first bulb with the plugin and then adding the other bulbs, the plugin creates again devices for the previously created bulb. The suggestion is to shorten the polling time or allow one to specify the polling time for each bulb. If there had been a BR30 Z-wave bulb that could be tuned and dimmed, I probably would not have gone this route. However, I'm glad I did. So, thanks. Elliott
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