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  • Zigbee Motion Sensor

    I got a motion sensor for zigbee and it is the sylvania smart+ (osram lightify) brand. I also have a plug in switch (same brand). I created an activity in the app which allows the motion sensor to turn on/off the switch.
    The motion sensor will turn on/off the switch OK but the motion sensor does not change states in the UI from no motion to motion. The UI shows the switch going on/off just not the motion sensor. Times for both do not update also.

    Anyone know if there is a fix or one in the making for these zigbee devices?

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    Still no change in the status of the motion sensor. Motion sensor appears to have stopped working this am. I can turn on/off switch through HS but tripping motion sensor does nothing. This worked last pm. Activity is set for early am so it should make sensor active and control of switch should work but does not.

    Any chance zigbee is being looked at?


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      I finally got the sensor to turn the switch on/off. Icon change takes about 25 seconds to respond from an off state to an on. Same from on to off. The motion sensor still shows no change in status but as I said it does control the switch. Maybe the status values in the table are not the right values.

      I also noticed that the sensor says it monitors temperature. On the app it shows the temp. But there is no child device created for this.

      Has anyone used this sensor and got a status change?


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        Ok, I think I get the picture. Zigbee is at the bottom of the totem pole. I get that. But how do I get the issues looked at. I do not want to take out a ticket because that is worse that the posts. I guess I will have to wait for the next update.