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  • Media server (computer)

    right now I have a windows 10 pc on an input channel on my matrix. So if I want to watch a movie/show on it I switch to that matrix channel and then whip out my cordless keyboard (the windows PC and Matrix are in a media closet)and dive into windows explorer using VLC to play videos

    Works fine, but I would like to be able to make the experience more seem less. Maybe something like a Roku? Another advantage would be to be able to tie a pause command into lighting, etc. If I pause the show, lights come up to 20% etc.

    I also have a chromecast but right now just use it for casting my laptop/phone when friends are over to watch youtube vids/etc.

    Any input, thoughts?


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    Check out Event Ghost. I have my system doing all of that.
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      Man that looks pretty cool. Thanks,ill look into it!