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Squeezbox + HSTouch?

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  • Squeezbox + HSTouch?

    I have Squeezebox, I have yet to setup any endpoints. I have a Panasonic SC-HC55. It is a wallmount stereo with a CD player, Airplay, and a 30 pin Appledock.

    I was thinking of using a RasPi and a 30 pin connector to connect the audio and put a touchscreen in place of the plexiglass sliding cover. Here is a picture of the stereo open.

    Can the RPi be used to run both the HStouch and Squeezebox?

    Would it just be better to use the AirPlay portion of the Stereo as the Squeezebox endpoint and announcer?

    I haven't messed with airplay with homeseer.
    If squeezebox is in the middle of playing a song and the announcer needs to announce on that endpoint. Does it interrupt the music or overlay the announcement?
    If it interrupts can it be setup that the music continue to play where it left off?

    Any other thoughts as to how to use this device and empty 30pin ipod compartment to utilize whole house audio and HStouch control?