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Error on install.

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    Originally posted by Mr.Gadget View Post
    Thanks for the redirect to the Intro..

    The system event APPEARS to be functional now. I had CAST instead of SPEAK selected. Now I need to look into how I can put it to good uses...

    Also, assuming we (you) found all the dependencies for the various DLL files, I'm hoping it doesn't complain about anything missing now. I'll keep a watch on the logs to see if anything else is broken/missing. If so, I'll be sure to send the logs your way. I know the SIRIUSXM metadata seems to be an issue, but that will be addressed in another thread.

    Thanks again for getting these INSTALL issues corrected. Great Work!!!
    INSTALL issues I still need to investigate - because it's not normal to supply .NET system libraries.

    The CAST action is used to send urls to the Google devices. For TTS just use normal HS "Speak" action - because the plugin registers as SPEECH client.




        Originally posted by Mr.Gadget View Post
        homeseer@hometrollerSEL:/usr/local/HomeSeer$ sudo updatedb
        homeseer@hometrollerSEL:/usr/local/HomeSeer$ locate System.Runtime.dll
        It looks like you don't have System.Runtime.dll at all - only in HS. Strange.


        I checked the plugins which work on your system - they all target .NET 4.0 - which is very old. Google libraries minimum version support 4.6.

        IMHO it's completely stupid to choose Linux for .NET app...


          Mr.Gadget - the problem with SEL Mono version is well known as I found. There's a lot of discussions on HS forum.

          points to

          If you make this work - I better remove the system libraries from my install


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