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  • How to play Spotify playlist


    I'm new to this google cast concept, so please excuse my ignorance.

    I have Spotify Premium, and it is linked to my google home.

    Can I use AK Google Cast to play a playlist? And if so how?

    Also, I see I can send AK Google Cast a URL, but where or how do I get/create the url?

    I already have an HS Event that turns my backyard lights on at dusk on the weekends, I would also like it to play a playlist.

    Thank you.

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    Hey Tom,

    I think spotify doesn't use URLs to control play list, they use special spotify protocol and pass content id for each track instead of url.

    Can you verify, i.e. start playing Spotify playlist on Chromecast or Google Home and look in my plugin ContentId device.


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      Alex, that was a great idea, but you were correct, it's not playing by URL.

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        Originally posted by tmassano View Post
        Alex, that was a great idea, but you were correct, it's not playing by URL.
        I saw an API for Spotify, I might look into it again.

        BTW, the screenshot looks like HS4?


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          Good morning Alex, The Spotify API would be great. I have some events that when I arrive home from work ( via geo-fencing) it turns on lights, gives me a weather report and stock market update.
          It would be really nice if it could also start playing my favorite playlist ;-)

          I also have a door sensor on my back door, if after 5pm (but before 10pm), on Fri-sat-sun I open the door, it turns on my deck lights and all my landscaping lights. It would be nice if it also started my playlist!

          Yes, I have been running HS4 Beta for a couple of days. UI is VERY different, a new learning curve, but its SLOWLY growing on me.

          Thank you for all you do, it is much appreciated.


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            Thank you Tom, it's actually almost 12 AM here in AU - HS is my "night job"

            I will look at implementing various controllers in my plugin, I want to play Youtube and Spotify playlists. But my main desire is to create a history of played tracks - and then ability to re-play them.


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              Alex, That is actually what I really like about Spotify. It keeps a list of recently played, AND it uses an algorithm to make a "Made for you" playlist of similar music. It's a nice way for me to get introduced to new artists, and like their music. (broaden my horizon) ;-)

              Thanks again, and good night!
              -Tom Click image for larger version

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                Tom, I want general functionality in my plugin - keep a list of anything played - and then the ability to go back and replay.

                Because the plugin already constantly monitors the content id. I actually started the plugin because I have Chromecast connected to my TV and when idle - it starts Backdrop app which shows slideshow with some amazing images, and I always wanted to know what is on the picture? Now it's possible

                Or when somebody plays some songs on Youtube (via Chromecast) - sometimes I want to go back to some song I liked... You get the point...