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Configurable selection of Zeroconf (mDNS) providers (Windows only)

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    Configurable selection of Zeroconf (mDNS) providers (Windows only)

    From ver. I made possible selection of Zeroconf (mDNS) providers - so the user can find which one works better on his network configuration:
    • Disabled - you may disable discovery in rare case it's causing issues. Then need to add devices manually.
    • Auto - is default setting - plugin will decide which provider is available and works better.
    • Zeroconf - original popular mDNS library for Windows.
    • Tmds.MDns - new mDNS library - looks faster and better. In Auto mode is selected if no Bonjour service is detected.
    • Mono.Zeroconf - Originally Linux version. If you have Apple Bonjour service installed - it's the best discovery choice. In Auto mode is selected if Bonjour service is detected.
    Note 1: Apple Bonjour service is installed on Windows if you have any Apple app installed, i.e. iTunes. In case you don't have it and you want to use - install Bonjour Print Services for Windows

    Note 2: As the title says, this is only applicable to Windows - on Linux Mono.Zeroconf is always used (using Avahi daemon usually present)

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