I am trying to integrate BLiTunes with HSTouch. In HS2, I used the HomeSeer iTunes plugin, but as it has been discontinued, I purchased BLiTunes to interact with my iTunes library in HS3. The first thing I noticed is that when I try to interact with music in HSTouch, I no longer have the Music related Actions for Elements. I read in another post that BLiTunes does not use the HomeSeer music API, which might explain why this functionality may no longer be available. My question is as follows: Have any people been able to replicate the functionality in HSTouch that used to exist with the older Homeseer iTunes plugin? I would assume I will now need to generate my own iTunes interaction events, Play, Pause, Next Song, etc., and then associate those events with button press/release. Any advice would be appreciated. If anybody has created an HSTouch screen that mimics the old Now Playing screen that was used in HS2, I would appreciate learning how you implemented this functionality using BLiTunes.