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BLiTunes stopping unexpectedly

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  • BLiTunes stopping unexpectedly

    I use BLiTunes (rev to play a radio station stream (which is then pushed through the house intercom system).

    The setup has worked flawlessly since I started using it last spring, however for the past week or so it suddenly stops. When I check the PI the status says iTunes is stopped. I press "Play" and it starts up again.

    I've looked through all of the logs but cannot find anything that issued a "Stop" command. The event to stop iTunes is a time of day event and there's nothing else.

    Is anyone else experiencing sudden "Stops"?

    Could it be iTunes itself? Typically, at least in the past, if there was an interruption in the stream iTunes would not would just pick up again when the stream caught up.

    Annoying that I can't seem to find the cause.
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