I haven't used this for a year, but it doesn't seem to be working. It can no longer find the music. Today I created a new playlist and added music to it through the Playlist function. All looked good but when I try to play this playlist of 5 songs I get pages and pages of the folowing and similar messages:
Oct-30 15:25:48 Error Cannot find wave file: \MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA\Media\Music\HOLIDAY\Halloween\Unknown Artist\Unknown Album (10-31-2009 3-57-10 PM)\Unknown Artist-05-Track 5.mp3
How can it not find it when I created it with things that it knew about?? I REALLY need this to work!!! Halloween is TOMORROW!!!

Also, I may not remember how it works, but if I have Windows Media Player playing and send a STOP through an event, shouldn't it stop?