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    Whilst I am trying out your plugin, i thought I might ask some questions about it, and see some more about the features and if it would be suitable for my needs at the same time as trying it. Then I may go ahead and buy it if it suits .

    I noticed it allows for playing music to a remote client. At the moment I have only tried this through the interface, not the scripting / event side of things, so I wanted to find out how it actually does this (without giving to much away lol). Does it pipe a stream across to a remote client, or ask a remote client to open a wave file or something?

    I also noticed you can have playlists, which is what I had done, given a playlist on homeseer PC which is then sent to the speaker clients. However when I went to the remote client, I could not open any playlists on the screen, just using the + and - buttons would change them, but when I click on playlist on the player, it pops open a screen with a drop down box to select playlist, but no playlist is shown.

    Would this plugin work, so that I could offload all of my music to say the Homeseer PC (through NAS) and create a series of playlists, eg "Relax", and so on and then be able to stream these to any, or multiple speaker clients? is that possible?

    Thanks for any help

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    Yes it should do what you want. It plays the music to remote clients by telling it to play the music file.
    Give it a try. All plugins have a 30 day trial.
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