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  • MediaPlayer + Playlist Sync


    I have got a bigger (300) song music collection set up on the HomeSeer PC, and from the client page, I can set it so that these play to the clients no problems. However I am noticing that when I create a new play-list in the main page of the plugin, and add songs, this is not transferred to the client players.

    If a playlist is created, using an event it can be played to any client, however for some reason the play-lists themselves are not transferred for quite a while.

    Is this a planned thing, to have the play-lists sync with the client players so from within the client players you can select any play-list that has been created and tell it to play as soon as the play-list is created, or songs are added.

    Whilst the event way will work, It would be great to have a more seamless / immediate sync so that if visitors or myself want to make a play-list then, it can be done and played to a client right away?

    Hope that makes sense.

    Also, whilst I saw you have no intention of getting the plugin to work with HSTOUCH, is there any way to code the player set to a fixed client through a url. So i can put a textbox in hstouch set as html and have it so it only shows the player for example for "Kitchen" Client, instead of showing the drop box and having to pick the right client.

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