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  • Group Changing IP Address

    Hi Spud,

    First time posting here... I have been using this plugin for the last couple of weeks, and I have three devices grouped together.

    Since installing, the group "IP" rotates between the various assigned IPs of the Chromecast devices.

    When this happens, any event I have set to announce via the Group does not get sent. Restarting the plugin allows for it to grab the correct associated IP.

    I have events set to restart twice a day, and discovered today that it changed in between events. Every time this happens, I look at the assigned IP of the group, restart the plugin, and sure enough, it rotates to a clone of another cast device.

    Otherwise, working well.

    Thanks so much.


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    Just wanted to bump this, as I still get the error at random times.

    Dec-26 5:29:08 PM         Chromecast    ERROR Not connected to chromecast Homes
    "Homes" is the name of the group. It is currently mirroring the IP of my Mini. I can test the mini, and I get the test message. I can test any of the other devices, and they play the test message. Only when testing or Speaking Something, do I see the error (and nothing is played).

    Anyone have any suggestions?



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      I will have to test this when I'm back from vacation, but to be clear what you are saying is that the chromecast group IP is changing in the plugin config page, but it shouldn't?


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        I have three Google home devices. In the plugin, the group always displays the IP of *one* of the devices. After some period of time, I will get that error and no speaking.

        If I disable the plugin, then enable, the group IP will then be listed as one of the other devices.

        For example:

        Bedroom 192.x.x.5
        Den 192.x.x.6
        Office 192.x.x.7
        *Group 192.x.x.6

        All will work fine for some random amount of time. When no speaking (and error), and restart of plugin, the Group will be associated with a different device:

        Bedroom 192.x.x.5
        Den 192.x.x.6
        Office 192.x.x.7
        *Group 192.x.x.7

        I hope that makes sense!

        Thanks again.