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  • Bobone
    Hey Spud,

    I did some more testing.
    Triggering on the Image device appears to be ideal. At least for my needs.

    Please don’t change this feature.

    If we could get ”Duration” as well, I am ready to buy!


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  • Bobone
    Ok, understand. Let’s call it a feature then!

    Please don’t change this feature...
    Last edited by Bobone; April 7, 2018, 03:10 PM.

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  • spud
    In HS3 a device can have a value/status (predefined in the status/graphics tab) and a string.

    The Chromecast title device has no predefined value/status, only its string is set. None of the native triggers work well with the title device because they monitor the value of the device not the string. I'm even surprise you get some of them to trigger sometimes.

    The solution is to use one of the "EasyTrigger: A device's string is..." or to trigger on another device which has its value set like the Status device.

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  • Bobone
    started a topic Trigger issues

    Trigger issues

    Great Plugin!

    I have some triggering issues. Some possible to work around, some issues that you should look into.
    Triggering on new songs is fundamental for my needs. The following triggers seem reasonable to be able to use on the “Title” device’s value:

    - This device changes and becomes... ANY
    - This device has a value that just changed:
    - This device had its value set to: ANY
    - This device just had its value set or changed.

    My expectation is that “This device has a value that just changed: ” would cover my needs, but nothing happens.

    Using the others renders the opposite problem with too many events triggered.
    For Spotify a specific pattern emerges:
    - At the start of each song, “Title” is set 6 times within a second or two.
    - After 30 seconds, Title is set again
    - Often, not always, 10 before ending, Title is set again. (Maybe when next song metadata is sent?)

    I have worked around this by checking if the new Title value really is new against a global variable. This way I can minimize my real events..

    But, fundamentally somethings is wrong and it might be good for Spud to look into this. Especially as some TuneIn stations set the Title more or less continuously...
    What do you recommend Spud?