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Connecting but nothing playing

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    Connecting but nothing playing

    I can connect to the devices and I even hear that my google home is beeping on connect but I still dont have any sound that comes out of the google home. Changing volume levels is also successful. I tried to play a URL --> NOTHING. please help as im excited to get this going.

    I just tried to cast your url and it worked using "audio/mpeg" as the MIME type. What MIME type did you use?

    Click image for larger version

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    If TTS doesn't work, please set the log level to Debug from the config page, and post some logs.


      First of I'd like to say that I love your Plugins because of the GREAT support. Keep it up!!!

      Second, I did fix the stream issue. I left the Mime blank....

      Third, I haven't been able to get the TTS to work. See debug snip below:
      HTML Code:
      Apr-10 15:24:11 DEBUG RX: { "sourceId": "receiver-0", "destinationId": "sender-0", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{\"type\":\"PONG\"}" }
      Apr-10 15:24:14 DEBUG TX: { "sourceId": "sender-0", "destinationId": "receiver-0", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{\"type\":\"PING\"}" }
      Apr-10 15:24:14 DEBUG RX: { "sourceId": "receiver-0", "destinationId": "sender-0", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{\"type\":\"PONG\"}" }
      Apr-10 15:24:15 DEBUG calling SpeakToFile text=test TESSSSSSTTTTT file=/usr/local/HomeSeer/html/Wave/chromecast20180410152415896.wav
      Apr-10 15:24:15 INFO (Living Room mini,Master Bedroom group): test TESSSSSSTTTTT
      Apr-10 15:24:15 DEBUG Playing on Living Room mini
      Apr-10 15:24:15 DEBUG TX: { "sourceId": "client-9212", "destinationId": "b74ff050-9779-45b4-a06d-791b44664e2b", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{\"type\":\"CONNECT\"}" }
      Apr-10 15:24:15 DEBUG TX: { "sourceId": "client-9212", "destinationId": "b74ff050-9779-45b4-a06d-791b44664e2b", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{\"requestId\":1462738864,\"type\":\"GET_STATUS\"}" }
      Apr-10 15:24:15 DEBUG TX: { "sourceId": "client-9212", "destinationId": "b74ff050-9779-45b4-a06d-791b44664e2b", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{\"sessionId\":\"b74ff050-9779-45b4-a06d-791b44664e2b\",\"media\":{\"contentId\":\"\",\"contentType\":\"audio/wav\",\"metadata\":{\"images\":[{\"url\":\"\",\"height\":0,\"width\":0}],\"metadataType\":0,\"title\":\"HomeSeer\"},\"streamType\":\"BUFFERED\",\"duration\":0.0},\"autoplay\":true,\"currentTime\":0.0,\"requestId\":1462738865,\"type\":\"LOAD\"}" }
      Apr-10 15:24:15 DEBUG Playing on Master Bedroom group